UPDATE: I have added an image gallery. Also, Rebecca’s mother asked me to include the statement my husband prepared for the media. Most stations edited his statement down to a few words. Some stations chose not to air his statement:
“An unexpected tragedy like this is utterly devastating. To lose a child is the worst thing that can happen to a parent. My niece will need time to grieve and then to start the process of healing. We are humbly asking for any donations to help with funeral and memorial expenses for this innocent, beautiful, baby boys. Donations, be they large or small are equally appreciated, as are even just words of support on the memorial blog. Thank you so much and never forget to tell your children how much you love them every day.”–Rob Straney

UPDATE: Rebecca Hillery has asked me to upload more images of baby Jamis. This will be done sometime this afternoon. I can’t tell you how much support my niece has received from everyone. I’m sure most of you saw the interview broadcast by all valley news stations yesterday. There was quite a bit the media decided to edit out of what they broadcast. So I would like to clarify; Rebecca would like to thank everyone; all the complete strangers who have donated and sent their condolences, all her friends from AZ and NJ..people she’s had quarrels with have set aside their differences to show their heart felt support. She would like to thank Ike Basha, the entire Basha family, Fry’s Marketplace on 32nd St and Bell Rd, and Brennen’s Pub. Rebbeca thanks you all from the bottom of her heart.

Jamison Dean Gray was born on May 28, 2013. On August 28, 2013, at three months old, my sweet nephew passed away. I’m sure you have seen the reports in the media. Our family is beyond devastated. There are no words to describe the pain and heartache we are experiencing. I can’t even imagine what his mother is going through. She is currently taking time off work to attempt to heal from her very tragic loss.
At this time, I am please asking for donations so we may assist her with the costs of his funeral